Boost Immune System

What You Need To Know To Boost Immune System

Your immunity is your defense system. Research shows inadequate nutrition and oxidized fats in the diet cause free radicals that sabotage the body’s defense abilities. It’s important to boost your immune system so that your body can defend itself against bacteria, viruses, free radicals, toxins and other foreign invaders.

Alan Sheppard of the Food and Drug Administration says, “We’re subjecting food to increasing processing and the more we fabricate food the greater the opportunity for oxidized fats to form.” To strengthen immunity and help protect yourself, research has shown the safest, most effective solution is to increase natural antioxidants.

The right kind of antioxidants, when combined with optimum levels of all other essential nutrients, take on free-radicals like Pac-Man and help protect your body from oxidation. Especially effective are the carotenoids (precursors of vitamin A), flavonoids, cruciferous agents, vitamins C and E and selenium. These nutrients are nature’s natural protectors.

The bottom line is to make peace not war. A strong, healthy defense system protects you from having to constantly fight colds, flues, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and other immune deficiency diseases.

Studies clearly indicate that you can help prevent disease and slow down the aging process by strengthening immunity, nature’s guardian of health and longevity. You’ll find, both now and in the future, it pays to keep yourself and your family youthful and healthy.

How Your Immune System Can Save Your Life

Research proves the immunity building carotenoids found in fruits and vegetables can give you many extraordinary health benefits. Natural whole food carotenoids have been shown to prevent colds and flu, keep your arteries clean, protect your heart, improve your vision, ward off diabetes, support successful pregnancy, produce healthier babies, stop oxidative damage, slow down aging, help you live longer, prevent cancer and much more!

That’s why experts recommend you eat 9 servings of high quality produce a day. But most people are lucky to get 9 a week. So, to fill the carotenoid gap, many are reaching for nutritional supplements that contain things like beta-carotene, lycopene or lutein.

But, how can you be sure you’re getting something safe? Is there proof that the product is effective and backed by authentic science? How do you know if it’s what your body really needs? Bottom line –can you be certain it’s going to produce the amazing results you want? In most cases, you can’t.

There’s no question that a healthy immune system could save your life. But, with so many questions about antioxidants, people are confused. Learning the distinction is just a click away. It could not only save your life, but it can save you money too. So take a moment to check it out. You can be healthier, stay younger longer and look and feel better for years to come.

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