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For quite a few years my PSA score hovered around 5.0. I went through the usual medical procedures, prostate biopsies and tests, but my physician wasn’t convinced I didn’t have cancer even though the biopsies came back negative.

Well, yesterday I went for my annual check up and my doctor was disgusted with me. He says he just can’t seem to make any more money off me. I’m too well and healthy. He made a comment that my PSA began dropping in 1998 and has continuously done so ever since. At this time it is comfortably under 1.0. I have none of the symptoms that go along with a high PSA or an inflamed prostate. My physician told me that he has NO other patients whose PSA has dropped without invasive surgery or serious drugs.

So, what’s made the difference? I started using Carotenoid Complex in 1998 and haven’t missed a single day since.

Steve (GA)

In 1996 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and ended up having a mastectomy. My oncologist recommended chemo because my tumor was larger than 1 centimeter. I started on your program, and even though I lost all my hair, I never got sick or missed a day of work. The nurses were surprised because there was another woman that started the same chemo protocol the same time I did and she was as sick as a dog they said. And my results have been incredible ever since. All my reports and blood work are excellent and my doctors wish all their patients had such great blood work.

Merry (AL)

I feel the need to some how officially thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life! Not only am I alive, I am also incredibly healthy. When I came down with the Chronic Heart Failure midway through my HIV diagnosis, you were there.

When I was first diagnosed with HIV in 1990, I was so depressed, all I could do was think, ‘even if I can survive the HIV itself, what about all the other maladies I could face like cancer, arthritis, regular degeneration, etc.? How will they present themselves in conjunction with the HIV infection?’

You told me all the ingredients I would need for optimum health. My goal then became not only to just survive, but also to THRIVE! And now I do! Your program has made positive changes both in my quarterly blood tests and my over all feeling of well being and vigor.

Here’s what’s so amazing. My physician told me that in addition to my HIV and Heart Disease I would always have chronic, active Hepatitis B. But when I was tested this year, I had a non-detectable viral load for Hepatitis B and my liver function tests are 100 percent NORMAL. I am certain that by maintaining the body in optimum condition, the body works SYNERGISTICALLY with itself and actually may improve, eliminate or PREVENT other conditions.

I again wish to thank you for the link that brought me to the SCIENCE behind all of your products. They have not only saved my life, but they have positively changed my quality of life. They’ve given me empowerment and control of my health.

Tony (NY)

There’s a young girl who attends my church and for the last 5 years she’s struggled with warts all over her hands. She had tried all the traditional medical procedures, but nothing was working. She started on the children’s version of Carotenoid Complex and I’m happy to report that yesterday at church her mother approached me and said, ‘Girl, those warts are gone!’ And, just after one bottle!

Lynn (TN)

My wife, Wendy, is a Type I diabetic and has been since she was 6 years old. She had diabetic retinopathy and, by the time we met, she already had laser surgery on one of her eyes, which left her completely night blind.

Wendy is a research scientist (a biologist and a geneticist) and, at that time, was the Director of one of the genetic labs at Emory University. She wouldn’t hear of taking a supplement until she saw the research. So, one day she found an article about Carotenoid Complex published in a peer review journal. She came home and said, ‘You didn’t tell me they publish in peer review journals!’ That would have been difficult for me since, at that time, I had no idea what a peer review journal was.

She got started right away on her program. In about 2 months we began noticing that she was not missing work as much and eventually started feeling much better. But the big triumph came about 2 years later when she announced she could see to drive at night again! Wow! Those Carotenoids really work!

Today, Wendy’s in her late 40’s and doing quite well. She’s vibrant and, I must say, beautiful. She still goes in for her tests at Emory each year and one of her great pleasures is when she goes in for her annual eye exam. After looking her over, the doctor always asks if he can bring some students in to look at her eyes. He then asks them to examine her and tell him which eye had the surgery (incidentally, the fact that the other eye never needed surgery is in itself a small miracle). The students can never guess which eye because – amazingly so – she has no scarring!

David (GA)

In 1977 I was infected with Hepatitis C through a blood transfusion. For the next 15 years, my health declined drastically. I felt rotten, tired, mean and had bad reactions to most foods.

In 1992, after the hepatitis diagnosis was confirmed, I was put on 6 months of Interferon treatment, all the time getting steadily worse. When the doctors told me, “Sorry, you’re no better. We cannot help you.” I was ready to jump into the ocean. The doctor told me I only had just a matter of months to live and suggested a liver transplant.

Then, I learned about Carotenoid Complex. I started on a program right away and began to get remarkable results rather quickly. Soon I was feeling like a normal person again.

Just over a year later I went back to my doctors for one of my many regular check ups at the Duke University Medical Center. Here is a copy of the letter I received after that check up. It’s from the same doctor who put me on the liver transplant list:

‘Dear Ms. Mansfield,

It was a pleasure to see you in the Duke Liver Clinic on April 18 to see how well you were doing. I have reviewed the results of your laboratory tests and have been impressed, again, with the lack of evidence for damage due to chronic hepatitis C infection.

Your ultrasound showed essentially a normal liver.

Whatever you are doing, I think you should continue to do it since it is clearly consistent with your health.’

So, that’s my story with a very happy ending.

Unni (NC)

I shared Carotenoid Complex with my brother who was diagnosed with the AIDS virus. He started taking it about three months ago. The first month after he started his T cell count went up by 1,000 and all his immune system testing showed significant improvement too. What a blessing Carotenoid Complex is.

Michelle (NY)

A retina specialist at Southwest Medical Center in Dallas diagnosed me with macular degeneration. He told me it would only get worse. I was given a grid with a dot in the center and asked to record what I saw (circle the dot) and see him monthly with my marked up grid. I also decided to see a nutritionist who told me that carotenoids were very helpful with eyes and to start taking Carotenoid Complex right away, which I did.

In February, I returned to Southwestern Medical for my checkup, grid in hand and showing the circle to be a little larger. By my March appointment there had been no change – but it wasn’t any worse.

My husband and I spent the next month with our daughter in New England. By then, I was beginning to notice that my vision was getting clearer, but I said nothing to the family. However, my daughter observed that I was going up and down stairs with no difficulty and, much to my amazement, I was able to read to my granddaughters without any cloudiness or difficulty.

I saw the doctor at Southwestern in early May. He wanted to see my grid for April and May. There was nothing marked. He thought I had forgotten to mark them so he asked me to mark one that was there in the office. By this time he called his associate (who had been in on the first appointment) and they both agreed that what they had seen earlier was now gone. They seemed stupefied but told me to keep doing what I was doing and he would see me in six months. Well, that was last week (one year after I was first diagnosed) and the specialist said my eyes were those of a 50 year old – and no sign of eye disease.

Jean, age 66 (TX)

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