When it comes to delivering pure carotenoid power, Carotenoid Complex puts hundreds of pounds in the palm of your hand. To deliver the total carotenoid power in a single bottle of Carotenoid Complex, you’d have to eat one of the following:

or more of the raw vegetables and fruits it’s made from. Research shows that your body absorbs only 5-10% of the carotenoids in raw vegetables and fruits. or more of steamed vegetables and fruits Carotenoid Complex is made from. Research shows food preparation affects carotenoid bioavailability. Steamed fruits and vegetables increase bioavailability to 30-50%. or more of steamed and puréed fruits and vegetables (baby food). Steamed and puréed fruits and vegetables have the best bioavailability, up to 70%, and are the method of raw material preparation utilized in Carotenoid Complex.

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