Three Top Tips For Choosing Your Antioxidants

Tip #1 The source must be something you’d normally eat.

USDA recommendations are to get antioxidant protection from fruits and vegetables. The guidelines never once suggest you can get any benefits at all from scary sources like acetylene (a petroleum by-product), Flora-Glo (synthesized from marigolds) or Dunaliella Salina (micro algae pond scum). These are the cheap sources most companies use as substitutes for what your body really craves.

But humans are designed to get nutrition from human food, and people have been safely eating fruits and vegetables for thousands of years. Reading the label of Carotenoid Complex is like strolling through an ideal organic garden of delicious fruits and vegetables. You’ll find apricots, strawberries, peaches, carrots, red bell peppers, tomatoes and spinach in our Carotenoid Complex. Does any of that scare you? Of course not!

These are the same human foods recommended by the USDA and proven by research to produce the results you want. As a matter of fact, each bottle of Carotenoid Complex contains the antioxidant protection of over 250 pounds of fresh organic fruits and vegetables with all their powerful antioxidant prevention and protection.

Tip #2 Be certain that the carotenoid family is in balance.

You’ve seen the hype. Labels at the store scream, “Now with Lutein!” New products pop up with false promises, “Lycopene for prostate health!” There are even products with only a couple of carotenoids that claim to be a “complex.” An “inferiority complex” is more like it!

In plants, carotenoids come in a family and the research shows this balance is what you need. For example, the National Cancer Institute found isolated lycopene ineffective for preventing prostate cancer.12 But, UCLA discovered that lycopene combined with zeaxanthin, lutein and beta-cryptoxanthin caused the incidence of prostate cancer to drop significantly.13 And when lycopene was balanced with other carotenoid family members the risk of colorectal cancers also dropped.14

The point is, Carotenoid Complex is the only true human food sourced “complex” proven to work. You get Alpha-carotene, Beta-carotene, Cis-beta-carotene, Gamma-carotene, Zeta-carotene, Lycopene, Cis-lycopene, Cryptocapsin, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Alpha-cryptoxanthin, Beta-cryptoxanthin, Violaxanthin, Canthaxanthin and Capsanthin. And, since it all comes from whole food, you even get those carotenoids that haven’t been identified yet.

It sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Carotenoid Complex is a powerful, potent optimum serving mouthful of toxin-free fruits and vegetables in each capsule. It’s the easiest, most effective, most economical, most beneficial way to ensure that you achieve the research guidelines for optimum health and longevity.

Tip #3 Buy only antioxidants proven to be safe & effective.

Most antioxidant products have not been tested for safety and effectiveness. So marketers use general terms to back up their claims. They say things like, “studies show lutein is good for the eyes” or “lycopene has been shown to help the prostate.”

Carotenoid Complex is the only full spectrum antioxidant with prestigious peer reviewed research that proves it really works. It’s the only one shown to be safe and effective by the USDA, the CDC and the Human Nutrition Research Center.1,10,15 And, it’s the only product on the market proven to produce the results you really want and need.

Plus, Carotenoid Complex is the only carotenoid antioxidant proven to be “bioavailable” and backed up with research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.16 But, that’s not all. Here’s what the USDA found that three daily capsules of Carotenoid Complex can do for you in just 20 days:

  • Increase natural killer cell activity by 20%1
  • Boost immune cell activity up to 37%1
  • Curb oxidative damage to cells by 44%10
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease by 500%15

This all adds up to a better immune system, which leads to slower aging, far fewer sick days and much better health. And, since it’s so much easier to prevent illness before it happens, why wait? You can get the protection your body wants and needs right now!

How To Stay Healthy Naturally

Judy found out she had breast cancer shortly after she started on her new Feel Better program. Because she was so pleased with her other results, she immediately decided to increase her Carotenoid Complex. And once again it worked!

“Carotenoid Complex gave me hope,” she said. “My tumor measured 4 centimeters and was quite aggressive. I was told that even after chemotherapy, I’d have to have a bilateral mastectomy. I immediately reworked my supplement program to include more Carotenoid Complex and only felt slightly tired after my first chemo treatment.”

“The big surprise came when I went in for my pre-treatment exam two and a half weeks later. My oncologist couldn’t find the tumor – not a trace of it! She consulted with other doctors and opted for a lumpectomy instead of removing my breasts. She also cut my chemo treatments in half.”

“My attitude is now very positive,” Judy adds, “and I haven’t had a moment of fear or despair about the cancer. I know I’ll continue to take this wonderful product and will see more improvements in my body as time goes by.”

The Bottom Line

If you want to avoid situations like Judy’s and you’re ready to do something positive for your health, give Carotenoid Complex a try. Don’t wait. Remember, it’s been proven that this specific nutritional supplement can have an amazing impact on your health in just 20 days. Can you imagine your benefits in a year, 10 years, or for the rest of your long healthy life?

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