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Only about 50-60 of the over 600 carotenoid compounds discovered to date actually occur in the human food supply. While Carotenoid Complex is derived entirely from whole foods you normally eat, some competitors have “spiked” their supplements with high levels of specific carotenoids from unnatural sources. In addition, some products claim levels of nutrients not supported by independent analysis.

  GNLD Carotenoid Complex Nature’s Sunshine Beta-Carotene with mixed Carotenes Amway Corp. Nutrilite Natural Multi Carotene Schiff Products Antioxidant Blend Symmetry Corp. Mega Juice Antioxidant NutriLink Inc. Balance of Nature Vegetable Phytoblend For Mor Int’l Vegetable Essence For Mor Int’l Fruit Essence
Alpha-Carotene none detected none detected
13 IU/cap
none detected none detected
44 IU/cap
none detected
Lycopene none detected none detected none detected none detected
Lutein none detected none detected none detected none detected
All sources found in the human food chain?
Follows Nature’s blueprint for carotenoids?
Clinical proof it works?
Label claims met? no claims no claims

NOTE: The protocol for comparitive analysis of Carotenoid Complex and competitive products was carried out by reverse phase HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) in conformance with methodologies outlined in peer-reviewed analytical journals.

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